behind the wheel

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction

At Stephanie’s Auto Driving School we customize driving instruction to meet your individual needs and goals. You choose the number of instructional hours needed to make you a safe driver. You choose the time of day that best fits into your schedule. You choose the length of time you want to drive each lesson and you choose the time frame for your instruction. You choose if you would like a male or female instructor. You decide if you will complete your training in one week, one month or over a period of several months, totally customized to meet the demands of your schedule and your pace of learning.

In addition to working on your schedule, we bring the instruction to you. No need to make arrangements with your parents or friends to drive you somewhere for instruction. We pick you up and return you to your location – work, school or home.

Check List

The first thing you will discover when you start instruction with Stephanie’s Auto Driving School is that just like a pilot who goes through a preflight checklist before taking flight, you too as a driver, will get introduced to a checklist of car safety systems and procedures necessary to make your ‘flight” onto the roadways successful. This initial orientation lays the foundation for subsequent instruction and puts you on the road to being a safe and knowledgeable driver.


One of the things that makes Stephanie’s Auto Driving School unique is the one-on-one relationship between the instructor and student. Instructors take a personal interest in meeting each student and discussing and assessing their experience level and then taking them step-by-step to the next level. Of critical importance is instilling a “defensive driver” mindset. Stephanie’s Auto Driving School teaches her students to always scan and be on the lookout, for the unexpected. This could include such things as distracted or texting drivers, approaching emergency vehicles, or children playing near the street. Anticipating the moves and actions of other people and vehicles improves your chance of keeping yourself and the loved ones in your vehicle safe.


One of the most popular Behind-the-Wheel instructional plans is a 6-hour program. Most commonly we see students’ taking three 2-hour blocks of time, however each driving session is tailored to meet your driving comfort level and time frame. Each session can be anywhere from 1 hour and a half to 2 hours. Initial sessions cover general driving conditions and road rules, then move to skills such as highway driving and parking and finish with practice for the road test and the driver’s license test.

Benefits of training with Stephanie’s Auto Driving School:

  • Reasonable Rates
  • You have the option of using the driving school car you trained in to take your test.
  • Your instructor picks you up, takes you the Driver’s License Testing site and wait for you while you take the driving test.
  • If you are under 18, you will need to print and have your parent or legal guardian complete the State of Florida Parent Consent for Driver Application Form allowing Stephanie’s Auto Driving School permission to bring you for testing. Click here to download the form.