Need a Refresher Lesson?

  • Haven’t driven for awhile?
  • Looking for help with a specific skill or technique?
  • Looking to add a new skill set to your existing driving knowledge?
  • Do you have apprehensions, concerns or fears about your driving?
  • Maybe you have gotten in an accident recently or just need a confidence booster?

Refresher Instruction

Whatever the reason, Stephanie’s Auto Driving School can provide you with the assistance you need. The first step is to meet with you and listen to your concerns. Together we discuss and identify any gaps in your driving knowledge or confidence level and then we work together to design customized instruction to fill that gap. Parallel parking…highway driving…merging into fast moving traffic…we stay with you until you are confident and ready.

If you are required to take Behind-the-Wheel refresher instruction as a result of an accident or ticket, upon completion of the instruction Stephanie’s Auto Driving School provides you with any State required documentation or Letter of Completion.

If you have a concern about a specific area of your driving, give us a call today, together we can work to make you a safer and more confident driver.